About Us

Elevate your personal security with our handcrafted faux leather wristlet keychains that seamlessly blend elegance with protection. When you carry one of our exclusive keychains with self-defense accessories you will be making a statement designed to be both fashionable and functional for your safety.

My process starts with rolls and sheets of faux leather in various colors and textures and prints. I combine the faux leathers that complement each other.
After joining, I hand cut the faux leather into strips to form the basis of the wristlets. I use a variety of metal hardware options, including black, gold, rose gold, purple, blue, pink, and silver-plated components to finish the wristlets. This adds to the uniqueness and appeal of the wristlets. The little enamel pendants and jewels or bobbles I add are different on each faux leather wristlet I make within each collectionMy leather label with our company logo can be found on each handmade wristlet to help our customers know and identify our company product. We are presently in the process of trademarking our business name.

I perform a quality check on each wristlet and the self-defense accessories on the keychain to make sure it meets quality standards regarding hardware attachment, function, and overall aesthetics. I personally package each keychain for our customers as well. We include information and care instructions for the customers knowledge. We take pride in sourcing our products from well known self defense manufacturers and vendors. We also offer crystal pendants and accesories to add charm and uniqueness to the theme of the keychain.

We are a small business interested in providing self-defense accessories in a unique and practical way to meet the needs of individuals looking for both safety and style. Invest in yourself and your safety today.

We will provide video content and photos of new product on Facebook. There is a link to our social media site at the bottom of each page in our store. Please click on the icon and it will take you to that page.

We will be looking into broadening our social media presence in the future.

Our business hours are: 

Monday through Friday 6pm to 8pm. 

Saturdays 12 noon to 4pm. 

We are not open on Sundays or Holidays.

I am a RN working full-time during the day. My husband helps me with my business and he too works full-time during the day, that is why we have limited availability.

If you have questions you can write to:


If you are having an issue you can write to: 


We have a CHAT Page in our store that will address common questions for you. Please look there to see if your question can be addressed. You will find it at the bottom right of every page in our store.

Our Refund, Shipping, Privacy, Terms and Conditions Policies are linked at the bottom of every page in our store. Please review these before purchasing.

Thank you for your support and interest in our business and products.